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Smoothie King Targets Denver, Colorado for Development as Consumer Demand for an Active Lifestyle Rises
The leading brand is looking for franchisees to develop and thrive in the Denver market.

Smoothie King, the innovative leader of the booming smoothie segment, has been raising the bar in the increasingly popular industry for more than 40 years. The brand’s mission is simple: to inspire people to live a healthy and active lifestyle. Smoothie King aims to promote its mission by serving guests delicious and nutritious “Smoothies With a Purpose®.”

In order to make that mission a reality, the brand works with local business owners to open up new locations in communities all over the world. And now, on the heels of the brand’s milestone 800th grand opening celebration in August, Smoothie King is actively targeting Denver, Colorado for development.

“We’re incredibly excited to break into the Denver market. We’re confident that local business owners will thrive there and will hit the ground running,” said Chad Tramuta, one of Smoothie King’s franchise development managers. “The population is perfectly positioned for our brand—more and more consumers in the area are choosing to live a healthy and active lifestyle. By expanding Smoothie King throughout Denver, we’ll be able to help people make that transition.”

With a median household income of nearly $66,000 and a metro population of more than 2.7 million people, according to Forbes, Denver is a perfect market for the Smoothie King brand. The city was also ranked number one on the publication’s most recent list of the best places for businesses and careers, meaning franchisees who develop the market will have a strong environment in which to build and grow their businesses.

In order to make the most of that unique opportunity, Smoothie King works with its local business owners to ensure they’re set up for success. All of the brand’s franchisees go through a comprehensive training program, where they’re taught best industry practices as well as how to run a Smoothie King store. Local owners also benefit from minimal equipment, strong and supportive corporate leadership and low startup costs compared to other QSR brands.

Prospective franchisees can expect their initial investment to range from $188,200 to $414,050 for a traditional location. Future owners can also learn more about Smoothie King’s franchising opportunity from members of the brand’s corporate team in Denver at the city’s upcoming Franchise Expo West in October.

“Our goal is to help our franchisees reach their full potential as local business owners. We want every owner in our entire system to succeed,” said Stephen Foley, one of Smoothie King’s franchise development managers. “There’s no doubt that as soon as we open our doors for business in Denver, our growth potential will be unlimited.”

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