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Restaurant Hospitality: Smoothie King is Poised to Meet the Growing Demand for Customization
Starting with pizzas, burritos and burgers, the demand of customization has now overflowed into beverage menus.

The demand of customization through consumers building-their-own pizzas, burritos and burgers, has overflowed to the beverage menu.

Smoothie King offers about 40 different beverages, but when consumers begin customizing drinks, the combinations are endless, says Katherine LeBlanc, director of brand marketing for the New Orleans-based juice bar.

The smoothie company is able to make any drink a “skinny” by excluding the sugar and choosing healthy alternatives such as almond milk in place of non-fat. The brand also offers a plethora of dietary supplements to match every consumer's health goal such as energy and multivitamins.

At Smoothie King, repeat customers are more likely to customize their drinks than those trying the smoothies for the first time, LeBlanc says.

“Our frequent guests typically customize their orders and they are excited to talk about what customization they’ve done to their friends and other customers,” she says.

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