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Las Vegas Review-Journal: Smoothie King Sets Its Sights on Las Vegas Expansion
Smoothie King franchisee Shahdad Kelishadi has signed a seven-store deal.

After Smoothie King's latest opening in Las Vegas, with franchisee Shahdad Kelishad leading the way, the brand knew this was the start of a large expansion for the New Orleans-area-based franchise company.

After visiting his brother, in Louisville, Kelishad was introduced to Smoothie King and realized there were no locations on the West Coast. Becoming inspired, he wanted to bring the brand to an untapped market and signed on as a franchisee with an eight unit deal with the brand.

“As Vegas’ population grows and as people become health conscious nationally, the brand will serve the community of Vegas with products that taste great and are healthy meal replacements,” he said. “Vegas is like a second home for my family and I wanted to be part of the Vegas community and offer a great product.”

Stephen Foley mentioned the company operates 800 locations throughout the world and is looking to establish a presence in the Western U.S.

“We’re not the biggest name out West when it comes to smoothies but we’re confident that we can establish ourselves and be head and shoulders above all others in the market,” he said. “We’re primarily a southeastern brand but we’re growing methodically.”

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