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Smoothie King's New Summer Hydration Smoothies Help Keep Consumers Hydrated in the Summer Heat
All four smoothies, which are available for a limited time, contain less sodium and more potassium than leading sports drinks.

Now that summer is in full swing, consumers are constantly looking for ways to stay cool, and more importantly, stay hydrated. From participating in high-powered activities to simply sitting in the sun, heat takes a lot out of the people during the summer months.

In order to help consumers stay hydrated all summer long, Smoothie King rolled out a new line of Summer Hydration smoothies. The smoothies are all blended with coconut water and strawberries. They also provide more potassium, an important electrolyte, than leading sports drinks.

“Smoothie King begins every new product development process with a purpose. That means our Summer Hydration campaign is not just about the amazing summer flavors being offered like watermelon, peach and strawberry—it’s also rooted in keeping our guests hydrated throughout the summer months,” said Katherine LeBlanc, director of brand marketing for Smoothie King.

The Summer Hydration campaign is made up of four delicious smoothies. The first is the Watermelon Hydrator, which contains strawberries, a watermelon juice blend, coconut water, a lemon juice blend, turbinado and a protein blend. The next Summer Hydration smoothie is the Strawberry Mango Hydrator, which is made from a mix of strawberries, a mango juice blend, mango sorbet, coconut water, water and an electrolyte mix.

Peaches, strawberries, coconut water, a passion fruit juice blend, turbinado and an electrolyte mix make up the third new recipe, the Passionfruit Peach Hydrator. The fourth and final smoothie in the Summer Hydration campaign is the Watermelon X-Treme, which contains strawberries, a watermelon juice blend, coconut water, turbinado and a protein blend.

These four Summer Hydration smoothies are only going to be available for a limited time. However, Smoothie King is making coconut water a permanent part of its menu. That means customers will now be able to add it to any one of the brand’s Smoothies With A Purpose®.

Beyond being delicious and hydrating, the Summer Hydration smoothies are fat free, cholesterol free, low in sodium and contain between 260 and 360 calories (in a 20-ounce serving).

“Every smoothie that we create is designed to help our guests participate in a healthy and active lifestyle,” said LeBlanc. “By launching this unique line of Summer Hydration smoothies, Smoothie King is enabling its guests to successfully take on the summer heat.”

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