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Iowa City Press-Citizen: Smoothie King is Eyeing Iowa City for Expansion
Smoothie King is looking to expand into the Iowa City area with plans to open their first franchise within 15 months.

Smoothie King Franchise Development Manager, Christine Elam, tells the Iowa City Press-Citizen they are eager to establish the company in Iowa as there are currently no Smoothie King's open in the state. Elam tells the publications, "we would love to get in Iowa City. We recently got into the Missouri area, and felt a great opportunity in Iowa."

Smoothie King has seen success in college towns like Omaha and Madison - the nutritional smoothie company believes Iowa City would be an organic transition.

Elam tells the Iowa City Press-Citizen Smoothie King's adaptability to tailor their specialty drinks to each customer. This includes cancer survivors like herself who are looking for gain weight through their high-protein beverages.

Smoothie King has plans to open at least five franchises in the Des Moines area over the next Currently, there are no Smoothie Kings open in Iowa. Last month, The Des Moines Register reported that Smoothie King had plans to open five Smoothie Kings in the Des Moines metro area over the next five years, with the first store expected to open in West Des Moines in August.

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