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Farmington Daily Times: Smoothie King Franchisee Jason Simpson Receives Company Award
Franchisee Jason Simpson was recognized for having the best new store of the year in 2015.

Smoothie King franchisee Jason Simpson recently was given a company award for best new store of the year in 2015.

Simpson took over the smoothie franchise in 2014, which has fared well, despite the economic downturn, partly because of the store's high-traffic location in the middle of town on Main Street, he said. He said that success has prompted him to start looking around San Juan County for a location where he can open a second franchise location.

"We're doing great. We've broken our sales record four times this year during this economy, this down time," Simpson said. "I just want to thank the community, the Four Corners area, for letting us help them live a healthy lifestyle and trusting us to help them."

Smoothie King was founded by Steve Kuhnau in 1973. Kuhnau opened the first Smoothie King as a vitamin shop in Kenner, La., a suburb of New Orleans. Wan Kim, a franchisee in South Korea, bought the company in 2012 and became the company’s CEO. Smoothie King now has more than 650 locations across the U.S., the Republic of Korea, Singapore and the Cayman Islands, according to the company's website.

"It's exciting to see what Jason's been able to do all by himself, establishing the brand in Farmington," Tramuta said. "For him to be out there, essentially all by himself, and doing such a good job, it's impressive. We're very impressed with what he's been able to do."

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