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The Wilson Times: Smoothie King Looks To Bring Smoothies With A Purpose To Wilson, North Carolina
Smoothie King has already seen success across North Carolina.
Smoothie King is looking to develop further in North Carolina and has targeted Wilson as an option for one of its next locations. The brand currently has four locations within the state, with two additional stores opening in Cary and Raleigh within the next few weeks.
“We plan to be very targeted and strategic in our approach in Wilson,” said Chad Tramuta, Smoothie King franchise development manager. “There is a strong retail and real estate corridor along the Raleigh Road Parkway on the west side of the city. It would be an ideal location for our brand.”
Smoothie King offers customizable smoothies along with a variety of health-based retail products. Although only four locations have opened in the Raleigh/Durham area thus far, the brand has been able to award the entire market to new and existing franchisees within the last 18 months.
“We now see the opportunity to start filling in the gaps and developing further in some of these markets that are strong, viable areas for growth which includes Wilson,” he said.

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