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Business Observer: Smoothie King Franchisee in Bradenton Honored with Store of the Year
For one Smoothie King multi-unit franchisee, the key to success is setting high expectations.

Dave Catrone Sr. and his son, Dave Catrone, run four Smoothie Kings. One of the stores they run is in Bradenton, which was recently named Store of the Year in 2015.

Dave Catrone says the store is in a very high traffic area, which is a key factor to their success. Catrone mentioned the biggest asset is the approach he takes with the often-fickle high school kids that make up the bulk of the store's workforce, tough love.

"We set the bar really high and really specific," Catrone told Coffee Talk. "I tell them we want to have the cleanest floors out there and the cleanest counters."

Catrone doesn't hesitate to move on from employees who don't show drive to succeed in his environment with high expectations.

"It's not really rocket science," he says. "It's simply making sure you are really consistent."

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