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The Houston Chronicle: Dave McMahon, One of Smoothie King's Biggest Franchisees, Shares Recipe For Success
The Houston Chronicle talks with Dave McMahon about the evolving smoothie business.

A chance visit to a Smoothie King shop
so impressed Dave McMahon that he contacted the corporate offices, signed a
four-store deal and opened his first outlet in the Memorial area. 
That was 19 years ago. Within a few years, he left his job as a stockbroker to go all in as franchisee.

Today, McMahon has 26 Smoothie Kings in metro Houston and in College Station, with a 27th planned in Missouri City in December and more in 2016. The total makes McMahon, 61, the largest franchisee for the New Orleans-based international smoothie chain.
McMahon recently sat down with a reporter from the Houston Chronicle to discuss the ever-evolving smoothie business.